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ACCUSONIC® is the industry-leading , high performance flowmeter system used in the water, wastewater, and power generation markets.  ACCUSONIC systems employ the multi-path transit-time principle to measure flowrate in applications ranging from large diameter pipelines and tunnels, to open and closed channels, rivers, and canals. 

ACCUSONIC flowmeters are well known throughout the industry for their high accuracy, long-term reliability, and versatility in the most difficult applications. ACCUSONIC products and services help organizations earn additional revenue, meet strict safety and environmental requirements, and increase plant efficiencies, thus reducing operating costs and improving profitability.

Since 1967, ACCUSONIC has installed thousands of flowmeter systems worldwide, offering a full range of services including installation and startup, system verification, turbine performance testing services, and field training. ACCUSONIC is a brand of ADS LLC. 

ACCUSONIC Applications

ACCUSONIC flowmeter systems have been used extensively throughout the hydro power industry to monitor flow rates in penstocks and low-head intake structures feeding hydro-turbine units.

  • Penstock flow and unit efficiency monitoring for plant optimization
  • Plant discharge flow monitoring for environmental compliance
  • Bi-directional flow monitoring for pumped-storage facilities
  • Penstock leak detection systems

ACCUSONIC flowmeters provide accurate and reliable flow measurement of cooling water in steam-generating power plants. With the rising cost of fuels, along with industry wide deregulation, it is more important than ever for utilities to improve plant efficiency in order to reduce their costs and increase profitability.

  • Condenser intake flow monitoring to track performance
  • Discharge flow and temperature monitoring to track thermal loading
  • Intake flow monitoring for pump efficiency
  • Cooling tower efficiency monitoring for maintenance scheduling

Measuring flows in waste distribution systems is needed to manage usage for billing purposes. Flowmeter systems provide highly accurate and continuous flowrate measurement in large collection systems, as well as influent flows into wastewater treatment plants, and effluent discharge flows back into the environment.

  • Flow monitoring of large sewers
  • Influent flow monitoring to treatment plants
  • Pacing control for chemical or UV  treatment
  • Plant discharge monitoring for environmental compliance

ACCUSONIC flowmeters have been instrumental in monitoring water flow distribution in large canals, aqueducts, and turnouts to major communities and irrigation districts. With water supply shortages throughout the western United States, the need to monitor flow is more critical than ever before.

  • Full pipe and open channel flow metering
  • Custody transfer and billing requirements
  • Pacing control for chemical or UV treatment
  • Plant flow balancing and process tuning

ACCUSONIC Flowmeters and Transducers

The ACCUSONIC Model 8510+ provides accurate, reliable flow measurement for applications ranging from full pipes to partially full or surcharged pipes, open channels, streams, and rivers. The 8510+ has the ability to measure up to 10 paths in the same measurement section, assuring superior performance even in the presence of severely distorted flow conditions. Additionally, the 8510+ can measure flow in up to 5 separate pipes and/or channels simultaneously.

The Model 8510+ can be fully integrated into most SCADA or PLC networks via 4-20mA outputs, Modbus (RTU) RS232 or RS485, and TCP/IP. In addition, the complete offering of ACCUSONIC transducers is available for use with the Model 8510+, including designs for hazardous area installations, exposed pipes of all materials, buried or encased pipes, and pipes and channels that cannot be de-watered.

For more information on ACCUSONIC flowmeters and transducers, visit the Literature page or scroll to the data sheets section below.

Download AccuFlow software from ACCUSONIC. 

ACCUSONIC Products are Proudly Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

ACCUSONIC Transit-Time Technology

ACCUSONIC flowmeters utilize the multiple chordal path transit-time flow measurement technique which is designed for accurate flow measurement (±0.5% of actual flowrate) in large pipes and open channels. The systems can be configured to measure flow in full pipes and conduits, pipes and conduits ranging from partially full to surcharged, and open channels. Depending upon accuracy requirements, the flowmeters can be set up to operate 1-10 acoustic paths with cross path (cross flow) correction available on flowmeters with 2 or more paths. A single console can be used to handle flow measurements in multiple pipes.

The ACCUSONIC flowmeter is connected via signal cables to multiple pairs of transducers mounted in a pipe or channel at specific elevations. Velocity at each elevation is determined using the transit time method in which an acoustic pulse travels downstream faster than a pulse travels upstream. A pulse of sound traveling diagonally across the flow in a downstream direction will be accelerated with the velocity of the water and, conversely, a pulse traveling diagonally upstream will be decelerated by the water velocity.

ACCUSONIC is the STANDARD in the Industry!