Products and Services

Products & Services​

From flow, level, and rainfall monitors, software, field services, and data processing to Cloud-based information and statistical reporting, ADS will deliver the right information at an affordable cost. When municipalities need to know about collection system flows, they choose ADS to monitor performance. They rely on ADS for robust, accurate, and affordable measurement, the kind of hydraulic analysis necessary to support project and financial objectives.


Management Software

PRISM™ is ADS’s revolutionary new advanced web application that puts critical data at your fingertips to support management, engineering, and operational decisions within your wastewater collection system.

Level Monitor

The ADS® ECHO™ monitor provides utilities with an economical level monitoring solution providing early warning of preventable blockages.

Flow Monitor

The ADS® TRITON+®  multiple technology flow monitor is compatible with multiple ADS and third party sensors that provide  unmatched flexibility and affordability  in a fully integrated, fit-for-purpose monitoring platform. 

Rainfall Monitor

The RainAlert III™ provides rainfall data acquisition, precipitation analysis, and smart alarming to support wastewater capital improvement, operations and maintenance, and regulatory programs.

ACCUSONIC Flowmeters and Transducers

ACCUSONIC is a leading supplier of high performance flowmeter systems used in the water, wastewater, and power generation markets. Our systems employ the multi-path transit-time principle to measure flowrate in applications ranging from large diameter pipelines and tunnels, to open and closed channels, rivers, and canals.

ADS Services

Specialized Services

Whether a small network of five monitors or a large network of over 500, ADS offers comprehensive field services to support your wastewater collection system. We offered a wide range of specialized services including:

  • Installation and Maintenance
  • Temporary and Permanent Flow Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Field Services
  • Sewer System Evaluation Surveys (SSES)
  • Data Analysis and Delivery
  • Engineering Reporting
  • D-Site

    Stop overflowing sewers with D-Site™ from ADS. With this comprehensive solution, you can stop worrying about budgets and monitoring equipment and start responding to problems faster and smarter.


    For a monthly fixed-price fee, ADS has provided customers with their flow monitoring equipment, ADS award-winning software, and the ADS support necessary to acquire accurate and actionable flow data – all installed and maintained by the experienced experts at ADS. Instant online data delivery with alarming, trending, map viewing, and optional analyses all at a low monthly fee without capital or maintenance concerns. I-Site™ from ADS is easy, flexible, accurate, and provides single point accountability.

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