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October 22nd @ 11am CDT
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New technologies are making it easier than ever to Optimize Cleaning and avoid the harmful side-effects of overcleaning. See how municipalities are embracing new technology to reduce cleaning while continuing to safeguard their systems from SSOs.

For over four decades ADS has provided trusted solutions to critical wastewater problems:

  • Blockage prediction and overflow prevention
  • Sewer cleaning optimization
  • Wet weather management
  • I/I analysis and reduction
  • Accurate billing data
  • Hydraulic model calibration
PRISM™ is ADS’s revolutionary new web application that puts critical data at your fingertips to support management, engineering, and operational decisions within your wastewater collection system. PRISM connects clients to a flow, level, or rainfall monitoring network, delivering near real-time operational intelligence on the status of your wastewater collection system. Learn more about PRISM…

Blockage PREDICT™ is the first in the PRISM PREDICT™ family of advanced cloud-based tools that combines machine learning and predictive analytics. It predicts developing sewer blockages with sufficient advance notice to plan a proactive response with the right resources at the right time to prevent an overflow well before it occurs.

The ADS ECHO level monitor provides continuous visibility into the wastewater collection system. It is part of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and monitors critical points where real-time data deliver meaningful value. It takes continuous measurements from remote sites and communicates wirelessly to a cloud-based system, where data is securely hosted. From there, software analytics provide users with actionable insight into their collection systems to drive decisions.

The ADS ECHO™ Difference: Setting a New Standard in Monitoring Performance

  • Total Manhole Visibility
  • High Quality Data
  • New LTE-M Communications
  • Detects and Notifies of Blockages
  • Intrinsically-Safe
  • Four Water-Level Alarms
  • Two-Year Warranty

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Get all the information you need on ECHO from literature to FAQs and instructional videos.
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Tulsa, OK Case Study

“Based on the performance of the first five ECHOs, we purchased another 11 ECHOs to be installed by the end of 2017. We are so pleased with the results
that we plan to greatly expand the program in the next budget cycle.”

Eric Murdock, Collection Systems Manager
City of Tulsa (November 2017)

>> Download the Tulsa, OK Case Study

St. Louis, MO Case Study

“We recently installed an ADS ECHO at one of our CSOs and have already reduced our field inspections by 67%. The ECHO alerts our crews directly when the flow has reached a certain level so that they can respond and prevent dry weather bypasses. We have identified other “problem” CSOs in our system and are in the process of installing additional ECHOs so that we can further reduce manual inspections while eliminating the possibility of dry-weather bypasses.”

Brian McGownd, Operations Division Manager Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (August 2017)

>> Download the ST. Louis, MO Case Study

Best Practices to Optimize Sewer Cleaning

"STOP WASTING TIME", MS&W I&I Supplement, January 2019 (By Jay Boyd and Paul Forsthoefel)

Cost-effective technology now exists for utilities to gain savings, keener insights and better management of their collections system. To acquire these benefits, utilities must look forward to solutions rather than rely on conventional practices of the past.  Using new monitoring tools from ADS, data was continuously collected and cleaning was initiated based on the feedback from monitoring rather than a predetermined schedule; this is known as an Optimized Cleaning Process, or OCP…

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The Voice of our Customers...

We have conducted both permanent monitoring and temporary monitoring projects with ADS Environmental Services and have been very pleased with their work. I highly recommend ADS for flow monitoring, field services and data analysis.

Nashville Metro Water Services Cyrus Toosi

ADS level monitoring technology has provided real-time visibility into the LFUCG system while reducing labor-intensive wet weather inspections.  We are saving over $40,000 annually after switching to a level monitoring system by eliminating unnecessary field operations.

Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Chase Azevedo

We choose ADS because we feel they have a better flow monitoring system. They have met and exceeded all our expectations, especially on the software end, with their new Web-hosted systems.

Hallsdale Powell Utility Department Darren Cardwell
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ACCUSONIC® is the industry-leading, high performance flowmeter system used in the water, wastewater, and power generation markets. ACCUSONIC systems employ the multi-path transit-time principle to measure flowrate in applications ranging from large diameter pipelines and tunnels, to open and closed channels, rivers, and canals. ACCUSONIC is a brand of ADS LLC.