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Non-contact Area-velocity Sensor used with the ADS® TRITON+® Monitor

ParaFlow™ is a new non-contact area-velocity sensor used with the ADS®TRITON+® monitor. ParaFlow measures five parameters including:

TRITON+Flow Monitor System with ParaFlow are used to gather data for a variety of applications:

ParaFlow brings new capabilities alongside a new topside retrieval installation system. This installation system mitigates the need for regular confined space entry maintenance. Once installed, a specialized mounting bracket enables retrieval and placement of the sensor via the Topside Retrieval Tool . Depending on the application, the sensor can also be installed with a standard installation ring.

ParaFlow uses a patented ‘parabolic reflector’ design that focuses the ultrasonic outputs to a targeted flow location to provide accurate readings. Additionally, it is designed with an impact-resistant, polycarbonate housing, and nested sensors to protect from direct debris impact to withstand various sewer environments.

Specifications and Certifications