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The ForeSITE™ UL (FS-UL) system is designed to enable cost-effective, easy-to-setup and reliable monitoring of water levels in a wide variety of applications, including surface water, stormwater, canals & channels, and flood prone locations.

Stormwater – vaults and outfalls
Surface Water – lakes & reservoirs, lagoons, rivers & streams, canals & channels, and tidal gates & structures
Flood-Prone Sites – streets, underpasses, parks, and other flood-prone structures & locations
Irrigation – canals & channels, and flow-control structures

FS-UL is designed for direct mounting above the water surface and provides measurements at user-prescribed intervals with high accuracy. Data is logged and stored in non-volatile flash memory and then communicated via cellular infrastructure with support for CAT-M1 and NB-IoT networks and standards-based data protocols to assure host compatibility.

The FS-UL includes a fully integrated and stabilized ultrasonic sensor, high-performance antenna, mounting bracket, and installation kit accessories. Its software supports fast set-up and configuration. Measurement and communications intervals are configurable. With optimized settings, the FS-UL battery life is four years.

The FS-UL employs ADS PRISM™ suite of cloud-based, end-to-end software for aggregation, data storage, visualization, and analysis enabling users to easily integrate ForeSITE UL sensor data readings with such data streams as rain or collection system flows. PRISM provides virtual real-time information to system operators facilitating data-driven decision making.

As with all ADS solutions, the FS-UL system can be purchased outright or part of a comprehensive services agreement. This gives system operators optimal flexibility for managing their collection infrastructure in a manner that best fits their goals, budget, and staffing situations.

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