The Allure of Level-Only Monitoring for I/I Webinar

AUGUST 27TH AT 11:00AM CsT (9:00AM PsT)

From the ancient Egyptian Nilometer to Robert Manning’s Manning Equation to Peter Petroff’s Doppler velocity sensor, humans have been seeking a way to quantify the flow of water by measuring its depth since civilization began. 

New depth-only devices on the market today are being touted as new technologies for ‘chasing I/I’. Engineering and operations staff find them attractive because of their lower cost and no confined space entry. However, they rely on the Manning equation which was virtually abandoned 40 years ago in favor of depth-velocity flow meters in I/I work. These devices can be very useful and when used improperly can cause you to look for I/I in all the wrong places.

This webinar will provide case studies including an example of a successful way to implement depth-only metering and a side-by-side comparison of depth-only meters and depth-velocity meters in the same sewershed.

Presentation Length: 30 minutes
Q&A: 15 minutes

Patrick L. Stevens P.E.

Pat has a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering and an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Purdue University. He helped develop ADS's Sliicer.com Engineering Analysis software, is a founding member of the American Society of Sewer Sociologists, and a newly appointed 2019 WEF Fellow.

Patrick L. Stevens P.E. has a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering and an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Purdue University.  He’s worked in the environmental field since 1970 and published over 60 technical papers and articles covering flow metering techniques, Combined Sewer measurement, and Infiltration/Inflow tracking. He’s worked as a regulator with the Indiana State Board of Health, the Indianapolis Department of Public Works and is now Vice President of Engineering for ADS Environmental Services, a firm specializing in measuring municipal sewer performance.  In addition to the staff engineer responsibilities for drafting and issuing the first seven NPDES permits in the U.S., he helped develop Sliicer.com, a founding member of the American Society of Sewer Sociologists, and a 2019 WEF Fellow.

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The Allure of Level-Only Monitoring for I/I

Lower Costs, Lower Risk – New Relief Through Optimized Cleaning

OCtober 8TH AT 11:00AM CsT (9:00AM PsT)

The decade’s old prescription of aggressive cleaning has worked to lower SSOs. Yet, aggressive cleaning means overcleaning and with it, unwanted side-effects. It stresses teams, exhausts municipal resources and prematurely damages pipes just to name a few.

New technologies are making it easier than ever to Optimize Cleaning and avoid these harmful side-effects all together. Attend my webinar to see how municipalities are embracing new technology to reduce cleaning by as much as 80% while continuing to safeguard their systems from SSOs.

Presentation Length: 45 minutes
Q&A: 15 minutes

Jay Boyd

the Market Development Director for ADS

Jay Boyd is the Market Development Director for ADS. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Biology he followed this with graduate studies focusing on technology and business development. Jay has more than 39 years’ experience developing solutions to drive ongoing process improvements and optimization, bringing dozens of technologies to the municipal and industrial markets. Jay has published dozens of papers and technical articles in leading journals on subjects including Cleaning Optimization, Technology-Based SSO Mitigation, Advanced Odor & Corrosion Control Techniques, New Internet of Things Opportunities, and more. He has a passion for developing products and processes to meet today’s infrastructure challenges.

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New Relief through Optimized Cleaning