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For over 44 years, clients have trusted ADS to increase efficiency and mitigate environmental compliance action – trust is built into our DNA and an integral part of our culture. ADS provides proven, integrated solutions to help municipalities diagnose and correct wastewater infrastructure problems. Trust ADS today for solutions to your most troubling collection system problems.

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With a community of hundreds of thousands of installations, we have an extensive experience with our community clients.  We focus on community safety, regulatory insight and compliance along with cost-effective, easy to use solutions.


We work alongside national and international organizations dedicated to sustainable development.


We have a strong history of quality products combined with new, highly technical solutions.


We are working today on solutions that will be the market-leader in the next few years with innovative growth solutions.

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The Voice of our Customers...

Sydney Water has trialed the AV|GATED sensor at four of our long-term compliance locations across Sydney. ADS’s AV|GATED sensor is a well-designed, purpose built velocity sensor that will increase the quality of our flow monitoring data. Our testing has confirmed the accuracy of the AV|GATED velocity data against established and in-field measurements.

Sydney Water – NSW Australia Craig Earl

The local ADS office has been essential to the success of our flow monitoring program. They have gone above and beyond to provide high quality flow monitoring data that helps us determine project effectiveness, maintain Consent Decree compliance, and monitor the overall status of our collection system.

St. Louis MSD James Kauffman

We are very pleased with your analysis and your report is one of the most comprehensive on sewer flow monitoring that I have seen for a long time. The overall experience working with the ADS team was great.

Town of Hillsborough, CA Javad Ghaffari