End-of-Life Announcement Profile

End-of-Life Announcement Profile®

As a valued customer, we wish to communicate the End-of-Life notice for our desktop software Profile®.  Beginning December 31, 2024, ADS will no longer provide Profile license keys or software support.  During 2024, the ADS support team will offer a never-ending license file which does not expire.  We will also provide support for Profile issues and assist our customers with migrating their data from Profile to our online platform, PRISM™ until December 31, 2024.  PRISM is our advanced web application that allows you to:

Visualize sewer system performance through intuitive dashboards and graphical displays

Transform data into actionable insight with powerful analytics

Ensure timely performance notifications with configurable alarms for advance notice of developing problems

Provides an easy and transformative user experience for sewer data management

Collaborate for success by sharing data, reports, and related files among cross-functional groups

Read the Full End of Life Announcement at https://www.adsenv.com/sites/default/files/EOL-Announcements/ADS-Profile_EOL_Announcement.pdf

Thank you,

ADS Environmental Services.