End-of-Life Announcement FlowView®

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing ADS as your flow monitoring solutions provider.  This message is to inform you of a product change due to technical obsolescence.

Product: FlowView® Operations,  FlowView® Portal and FlowView Console


This letter is to inform you that ADS plans to execute an End of Life-cycle (EOL) process for the ADS FlowView® Operations, FlowView® Portal  and FlowView® Console products.  We have made the determination to discontinue the FlowView product line in order to provide our customers with our more advanced product, ADS PRISM. FlowView Portal was introduced in 2005 offering an online platform to host ADS data and reporting.  FlowView Console came in 2011 as a means for our internal teams to manage the data available in the online platform.  FlowView Operations followed and was released as a product offering to customers in 2015 to view data and manage alarms.  It has been used to manage thousands of flow monitors since its release. 

Today, ADS PRISM now serves as the primary platform for these features, with advance features in data storage and capacity, data accessibility, data analytics, reporting, and specialized applications available within the platform such as ADS blockagePREDICT™ and ADS SLiiCER®.

Schedule: September 1, 2024: FlowView Operations, Portal and Console will be decommissioned.

Read the Full End-of-Life Announcement at https://www.adsenv.com/sites/default/files/EOL-Announcements/ADS-Flowview-EOL-Announcement.pdf.

Thank you,

ADS Environmental Services.