When you visit ADS in booth 2638 at WEFTEC, you’ll discover ADS’ new, exciting ways to acquire collection systems, stormwater, and surface water insights.

ADS leads the industry in integrated solutions, expertise, and experience for collections system management. Come and see our new ADS offerings in WEFTEC Booth 2638 – with opportunities for hands-on demos and presentations. 

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Re-discover the distinct benefits of Comprehensive Monitoring Services.

You’ll discover the essential benefits of acquiring critical Collection System flow insights. With ADS’ Comprehensive Monitoring Services, we’ll take responsibility for all monitoring aspects and tasks enabling you to receive reliable, ongoing data and analytics.

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Learn how to get SSO prevention and improved O&M processes in a single, money saving solution.

When you’re looking for a way to lower stress from the unrelenting demands of scheduled cleaning, then come and see us at WEFTEC. You will learn how to lower cleaning stress, become more productive, and even decrease SSO threats.

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Learn about a new, low-cost solution for monitoring storm & surface water.

Discover the all NEW, highly reliable, low-cost solution for monitoring storm and surface water. Flood-prone sites are continuously monitored with the ForeSITE-UL (FS-UL) system. When critical issues arise, multiple alarms will provide essential alerts that are needed.

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Discover a new automated solution for in-depth analysis of I/I.

Discover the ADS hardware, software, services, and expertise to help solve your infiltration and inflow problems. Learn more about SLiiCER in PRISM

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Have a coffee on us and meet one-on-one with a leading industry expert to discuss your I/I, model calibration, capacity assessment, CSO activation reporting, SSO mitigation or optimize sewer cleaning, storm/surface water and street flooding challenges.

Come see the future today for Comprehensive Monitoring Services at WEFTEC in ADS booth, #2638.

You’re invited to have coffee with an expert to discuss your RDI/I, capacity assessment, CSO activation reporting, SSO mitigation or optimizing sewer cleaning, storm/surface water and street flooding challenges. 

Join us and “take a load off”! We’ll provide coffee, a comfortable place to meet, and an expert to discuss your challenges. Get more details and even set-up a meeting time.  

ADS Community Strong: Next Step Farms

ADS Community Strong: Next Step Farms

Did You Know that 6.5 million people in the United States alone have intellectual disabilities (including mild to profound cognitive impairment)? This week, a group of ADS volunteers had the privilege to meet and work alongside some special needs adults to support a 501(c)(3) organization in Harvest, AL – Next Step Farms/NSFs, (a hands-on program for teaching “life-skills” to intellectually and developmentally disabled adults). These life skills include cleaning, cooking, organization, gardening, light home/auto maintenance, basic finance and computer skills, personal hygiene, etc. – instruction that helps the student to gain some level of independence and provide ongoing help to their caregivers (usually their aging parents). A “Next Step” for the organization is to collaborate with local businesses and the surrounding community to place NSF’s students/graduates in real jobs where they are genuinely accepted and productive.

In addition to a prior $14K donation to NSFs from The IDEX Foundation, ADS employees spent their personal time cleaning construction debris at the new NSF’s learning facility, hanging window blinds and screens, applying drawer liners to the cabinets and drawers of the interior furnishings that The IDEX Foundation purchased. It also gave us a chance to work alongside our fellow ADS personnel and wear the fantastic bright, new yellow ADS shirts! Let’s all continue to look for opportunities to serve others, give back, and strengthen our local communities. #ADScommunitystrong!