Read NEWEA Article on Big Data and Smart Sewers

Read NEWEA Article on Big Data and Smart Sewers

The New England Water Environmental Association (NEWEA) published this insightful article in the Fall issue: Big Data and Smart Sewers – Is the Technology Ready? Is the Industry Ready? Are You Ready?

By providing a deep dive into the future of wastewater collection, the NEWEA article offers a comprehensive view from concept to application and a roadmap for decision makers.

Some of the key topics include:

  • Improvement through Insight
  • Maintenance-Free Sensors
  • Uninterrupted Sensor Communication
  • Low-Power, Sustainable Power Sources
  • Leveraging AI for Learning Conditions and Responses
  • Costs and People Factors

In summary, the article explains how, “As we increase our reliance on automation, data-driven decisions, and AI, we will move toward a world of zero overflows and clean waters, a Sci-Fi dream that will become tomorrow’s reality.”

Read the full article in NEWEA