ADS Technologies Reduce Cleaning Costs and Prevent Spills

A large Florida utility responsible for a sewer collection system handling more than 80 million gallons of wastewater daily has significantly improved their cleaning process and reduced costs with ADS® solutions.  

Their previous cleaning process included scheduled maintenance and frequent cleaning of over 100 ‘hot spots.’ Some disadvantages to this process include: 

  • High staff costs 
  • Inefficient use of staff resources 
  • Unnecessary cleaning of sites that don’t need cleaning 

The utility selected ADS ECHO™ level monitors to gain greater sewer intelligence as an alternative to their previous collection methods. Over a two-year period, the utility installed over 100 ECHO units throughout the collection system. The ECHO monitoring units in conjunction with ADS machine learning blockage PREDICT™ software enable utility staff to proactively identify potential blockages and prevent SSOs.  

The utility was able to reduce work orders by 35% and save over $100,000 in 2021. With new ADS technology in place, they prevented 10 likely SSOs.  

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