New ForeSITE™-UL Ultrasonic Monitoring is Fully Compatible with ADS PRISM™ Suite

ADS Environmental Services® has announced release of its all-new ForeSITE™ ultrasonic level monitoring system (FS-UL) for surface and storm water applications. This low-cost system is designed for remote site monitoring in stormwater vaults and outfalls, rivers/streams, lakes, reservoirs, canals, and is especially effective for flood-prone locations.

The FS-UL is a fully integrated system with data logging, redundant cellular communications, non-volatile memory, and an integrated ultrasonic sensor. It is delivered with all necessary parts including a high gain antenna, battery pack, mounting bracket, maintenance kit, and accessories providing fast, easy set-up.

The FS-UL brings new innovation to communication reliability with its redundant, wireless capability. The system will automatically access one of two providers, selecting the most efficient connection when communicating. This gives assurance that during critical events, communication continues. The FS-UL has measurement frequencies that are user selectable. Additionally, it contains four user-definable alarms providing ongoing remote site data and alerts.

The FS-UL delivers data to the cloud-based ADS PRISM™ software. The software manages data storage and data management. As well, users have tools for graphical visualization and analysis.

The system is designed for ease of installation and very low ongoing maintenance. It has a high power-density, long-life battery pack. Settings dependent, it can operate for up to four years without battery pack changes. Its compact 3.5-inch height x 4.9-inch diameter (90 mm H x 125 mm D) size enables both secure and inconspicuous mounting in remote locations. Device activation takes seconds with a simple swipe of its magnet. Moreover, it has a status LED to provide activation feedback.

FS-UL is available through comprehensive services where ADS’ technical teams perform installation, activation, any necessary field service, data monitoring, and reports. This approach assures that storm or surface monitoring programs are consistent and always reliable.

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