ParaDepth™ Non-Contact Depth Sensor for Use with ADS® TRITON+® Monitors

October 10, 2022 – ADS® announced availability of the new ParaDepth non-contact, depth sensor, used with the ADS TRITON+® flow monitors and ADS PRISM software. 

Acquisition of accurate depth data is critical for making timely decisions to manage collection systems. The ParaDepth sensors, in combination with TRITON+ monitors and PRISM software, provide a seamless, end-to-end solution for depth data collection and analysis.

ParaDepth is an ultrasonic sensor that precisely focuses the output via a patented parabolic reflector design. Its recessed sensor and polycarbonate housing provide exceptional durability in sewer flows. It has an in-air operating range of 144” (3.7M) and has no deadband.

ParaDepth can be mounted above the flow in a pipe, secured by a bracket that is mounted to a metal ring on the pipe. A second mounting option uses the all-new Topside Retrieval System™. With this, the bracket is positioned above the flow and secured to the manhole chimney. This method enables removal and replacement of the sensor without manhole entry.

Depth data collected with ParaDepth is key to a wide range of applications including, I&I analysis, CSO activation, SSO mitigation, collection system cleaning optimization, bypass monitoring, and lift/pump station backup.

About ADS:
ADS Environmental Services (a division of IDEX Corporation) provides comprehensive, turn-key flow monitoring services to municipalities and agencies in the United States, Canada, and Australia. ADS provides equipment, software, field services, data analytics, and 47-plus years of expertise for flow monitoring and level monitoring applications including RDI/I, capacity studies, billing metering, CSO activation and reporting, and SSO mitigation.

The Company operates more than 25 service offices to provide utilities with localized support.

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