blockage PREDICT landing page

When You See the Future, You Stop Cleaning Clean Pipes

“Hot-spot” cleaning routines reduce SSOs. But it’s not easy… It demands time and worse, often you’re cleaning clean pipes.

Get relief with the new ADS blockage PREDICT app

blockage PREDICT is a new machine learning software application and part of the cloud-based PRISM™ software platform. It detects ultra-subtle flow pattern changes and tells you where and when to clean.

With blockage PREDICT, you’ll be cleaning on-time, every time and based on actual site conditions. You’ll reduce overcleaning 70% to 90% and gain improved operations performance, better SSO protection, and lower stress. See the future.

Coupled with the new generation ECHO level monitor and LTE-M communications…
The system gives you:

  • Precision and reliability
  • Ease of use and installation
  • Reduced expenses
  • Peace of mind