We are the people who work in work zones

Each day at ADS, our team sets up temporary work zones and traffic control measures to complete the important service-related task for our customers and citizens. We are mindful of the hazards they are exposed to from moving vehicles including speeding and distracted drivers outside of their control. On this world safety day, want to bring your attention to those who work in road work zones and remind you to be aware of them as you transit through their place of employment.

Fatalities in roadway work zones increased nearly 11% from 2020 to 2021, with deaths rising from 863 to 956, according to newly released federal data. (BLS)

In 2022, 891 people were killed and 37,701 people were injured in work zone crashes. (NSC)

Bureau of Labor Statistics information shows 108 roadway workers were killed on the job in 2021, a decrease of nine from the previous year. (CDC)

From 2003-2020, 2,222 workers lost their lives at road construction sites—an average of 123 per year.