Closed Circuit TV

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Pinpoint the exact location of pipe defects with TV Camera inspection.  Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) inspection services pinpoint the specific location of pipeline deficiencies. It allows for an internal, up-close evaluation of the structural conditions within the sewer pipe.  CCTV inspection is performed to determine the location and extent of any defects that may permit groundwater infiltration or reduce the hydraulic efficiency of the collection system. CCTV inspection can identify pipe joints that have become misaligned, pipe joints that have missing or deteriorated joint sealing material, sections of pipe that have settled, cracked pipe, broken pipe, holes in pipe, protruding service lines, and service lines that were added to the collection system by breaking a hole in the main line with a hammer. Debris, grease, or blockages within pipe segments affects collection system performance and robs the system of capacity. CCTV inspection will identify those pipeline deficiencies and help with developing a systematic approach to cleaning of those pipelines.

The purpose of sewer line cleaning is to remove foreign material from the interior surface of the pipe and to restore the sewer to near original carrying capacity. Part of the success of CCTV inspection depends upon the cleanliness of the line. The cleaning equipment is capable of removing dirt, grease, roots, rocks, sand, and other materials, plus obstructions from the sewer lines and manholes.  The cleaning equipment utilizes high-pressure water pumped through a hose and nozzle propelled through the sewer by water discharged from the nozzle.

ADS manages the industry’s most rigorous field training program with all personnel properly certified in confined space entry, CPR, traffic control, and general field safety procedures. Through ISO 9001 quality management systems, ADS maintains a complete quality control program through all phases of SSES projects. In addition, all data processing and analysis is reviewed by Six Sigma process improvement methods.