End of Life Announcement for the ADS® Surface Combo™ sensor and all variants.

Effective immediately, ADS LLC will end the sale of the ADS Surface Combo Sensor. ADS can no longer supply the Surface Combo sensor (all 8K-CS5-XX-XX-XX variants). The listed SKUs are at End-of-Sale and are no longer available for purchase from ADS LLC. All orders for the listed SKUs should be transitioned to the new ADS ParaFlow™ and ParaDepth™ Sensor equivalents.

The new ParaDepth and ParaFlow sensors are planned for release in December 2020 and January 2021, respectively. ADS is now taking orders for the new ParaFlow and ParaDepth sensors.

Background and Recommended Actions

In 2019, ADS was notified by our manufacturer of obsolescence of the transducers used in the manufacture of the Surface Combo sensors (the CS5 family of sensors).  After receiving this notification, ADS proactively obtained as many of the remaining transducer stock as possible. The parts used in this sensor now are no longer available requiring ADS to come up with an alternative solution.  The transducer stock has now been depleted, and these sensors are no longer available and are discontinued.

Part numbers that are no longer available are noted below:

Even though we can no longer supply these sensors, ADS will continue to provide customer support of the CS5-series of sensors as noted below:

End-of-Life Announcement

  • ADS Surface Combo sensors, November 20, 2020


  • Immediate

Last Shipment Date

  • September 2020


  • All support ends except for any remaining contractual warranty support, December 31, 2021
  • All ADS Surface Combo Sensor documentation and references archived, December 31, 2021

Actions You Can Take Now:

The replacement of the Surface Combo Sensor Family are the new ADS ParaDepth and ParaFlow sensors. The ParaDepth and ParaFlow sensors are available for pre-order and have planned shipping dates of December 2020 and January 2021, respectively.

Figure 1 ADS ParaFlow Sensor
Figure 2 ADS ParaDepth Sensor

Key features of the ADS ParaFlow and ParaDepth sensors include:

  • Non-contact sensing of velocity and depth providing increased safety for your field team when used in conjunction with the new ADS Topside Retrieval and Reinstallation Tool (available Q1 2021).
  • Lowest lifetime costs of any non-contact sensor on the market due to the low initial purchase price, low maintenance costs, and the use of the ADS TRITON+ monitoring platform and the long battery life associated with the TRITON+.
  • Full range depth sensing (ultrasonic and pressure) providing you with the security of knowing your depth data is reliable during both normal and surcharged flow conditions.
  • Designed for Lower maintenance than other sensors due to the ruggedization of the sensor transducers, the protection of the sensor faces with the parabolic cavities, the low-profile size compared to other surface flow sensing devices, and the ability to use both in-pipe and in-manhole mounting solutions! With the introduction in 2021 of the NEW ground-level maintenance retrieval system, the ParaFlow will not require confined space entry for common maintenance activities!
  • No flow disturbance since the sensor is mounted above the flow rather than in a wetted configuration.
  • Reliable performance and data that you expect from the ADS family of sensing technologies.

ADS understands that the gap between availability of the Surface Combo sensors and the ParaFlow and ParaDepth sensors may be an issue for some, and are working to accelerate the release of the ParaFlow and ParaDepth sensors.

Your ADS Team of support professionals are here to assist you. For additional information on the new ADS ParaFlow and ParaDepth sensors, please visit http://www.adsenv.com. For additional application specific questions, we encourage you to contact your ADS project team, the ADS Support Center at ADSSupportCenter@IDEXCorp.com, or call us at 256-430-3366 (inside the U.S.), 877-237-9585 (toll-free).

To place your advance order for the new ADS ParaFlow and ParaDepth sensors, please visit the ADS Online Storefront at https://store.adsenv.com.

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