Pinpoint Leaks and Water Loss in Your Water Distribution System

ADS Environmental Services has been a leader in wastewater flow monitoring since 1975 and Pitometer has led the water industry in diagnostic water services since 1895. With the recent acquisition of Pitometer assets by ADS, these two organizations have joined together to offer utilities world class distribution and collection system diagnostics.

Now, the knowledge and experience of Pitometer are enhanced with the resources, expertise, and strength of ADS. ADS Environmental Services now has the capability to mobilize and implement the largest and most challenging water and wastewater projects - with 23 locations throughout the United States and Australia, the most experienced operations team in the industry, and over a century of water distribution system knowledge and refined processes. The Pitometer Group of ADS provides comprehensive water services from water audits to complete diagnostic services including: district flow measurement, leak detection, pressure surveys, meter testing, fire flow testing, valve exercising, and hydrant flushing.