Gated Area-Velocity flow measurement in a reliable, rugged, and affordable sensor,
engineered by the most trusted name in wastewater flow monitoring!​

The AV|GATED sensor combines proven depth measurement methods with state-of-the-art gated velocity measurement technology to provide accurate and reliable area-velocity sewer flow measurements. The AV|GATED sensor measures average velocity.

" We tested the AV|GATED sensor at four of our long term compliance locations across Sydney. ADS Environmental's AV|GATED sensor is a well-designed, purpose-built velocity sensor that will increase the quality of our flow monitoring data. Our testing has confirmed the accuracy of the AV|GATED velocity data against established Doppler sensor measurements and our in-field physical measurements. We are looking to deploy additional AV|GATED sensors and anticipate that it will reduce our requirements to calibrate across our permanent monitoring network."
Craig Earl
Hydrometric Services Manager, Sydney Water
Sydney NSW, Australia
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The AV|GATED sensor is compatible with the ADS TRITON+ flow monitor

It is the most versatile and cost-effective, flow monitor on the market. The ADS® TRITON+® includes multiple technology sensor options and has two ports allowing for two sensors to be in use simultaneously.

The TRITON+ is an intrinsically safe, “Fit-for-Purpose” open channel flow monitor for use in sanitary, combined, and storm sewers. It is designed to be the most versatile flow monitoring system available for wastewater collection applications. It supports single pipe or dual pipe flow measurement installations.

Use the TRITON+ and the AV|Gated to gain actionable insight for: