The Importance of Accurate and Reliable Flow Data

When ADS Environmental Services conducts flow monitoring, SSES, or any other type of field services, the data generated goes through numerous quality control checks and is presented in a format that both explains the information and summarizes our recommended plan of action. All data generated is stored electronically and managed by an information management program.  ADS is flexible and can utilize a number of engineering software applications for data management.  Raw data can be quickly transferred from a secure server for immediate or future retrieval.

ADS can take the data generated by the representative work and conduct a cost-effective analysis to determine the optimum level of inflow and infiltration (“I/I”) removal, rehabilitation, etc.  We can also perform a system evaluation to analyze located defects against flows measured during a previously conducted flow study.  This analysis summarizes and prioritizes each defect according to the quantity of I/I estimated to be removed as compared to the cost of conducting the rehabilitation that results in that flow being removed.

Through ISO 9001 quality management systems, ADS maintains a complete quality control program for all phases of the project.  Trained, experienced ADS data analysts and project engineers analyze data from varied flow monitoring work performed, SSES sub-tasks, or other field services, and make recommendations for cost-effective rehabilitation.