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RDII Reduction

Within the collection system, there is a never-ending battle to maintain the integrity of the system. While Combined systems work with the idea of collection from non-waste contributors, Sanitary systems do not, both are susceptible to the problem of I&I.  With pipe access through damaged sewer pipes, poorly sealed manholes or unexpected connections to residential containment, I&I presents a municipality with what can be an overwhelming challenge. 

When rainfall is excessive, the total amount of rain exceeds the infiltration capacity of the soil causing the flow of water into the pathway of least resistance.  By understanding the rainfall, network operators can understand, evaluate and address the issues that come from excessive amounts of rainfall leading to I&I. 

There are several methods that can be employed to determine I&I.  They include: dye testing, television inspection, smoke testing and flow monitoring.  All the methodologies eliminate the need for costly, dangerous confined entry or overly-elaborate street demolition.  With the ability to overwhelm the capacity of a collection system, it increases costs for processing total flow along with causing potential overflow endangering public safety. 



Inflow and Infiltration Tracking (I&I)

is broken down into inflow: water that is dumped into a sewer system through improper connections such as downspouts, groundwater sump pumps; and infiltration which is groundwater that enters the sewer system through leaks in the pipe. 

ADS has developed the most cost-effective, highly efficient, technology-based system for I/I Tracking. This includes measurement and reporting of overflow duration and quantity for individual events, verifiable with video confirmation. 


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ADS Difference

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The I&I Solution

The entire flow of the containment system is greatly affected by I&I and can require particularly in the case of a CSO system, the need to determine flow.  This needs to be done in order to control the level of movement along with the viscosity that the system can encounter.

The ADS Triton+ provides flow monitoring with a strong solution of sensors that are tailored to the specific needs of the monitoring.  

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Level Monitoring is the process of determining flow patterns based on the level of water within the system.  Large influxes after rainfall events can point to I&I, while consistently producing an altered flow can be a sign of root infiltration or cracks in the pipe.  All leading to water being where it should not – inside the containment system.  

The ADS Echo provides a comprehensive analysis of the level in real time.  This allows management of issues without having to go through extensive construction to find the problem.  

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The quickest and easiest sign of I&I is that it mostly occurs after rainfall events.  Depending on the duration and amount of precipitation, I&I can be tracked back to the event.  This shows that the problem is coming in from sources outside the containment system.

The ADS RainAlert III provides the total rainfall per event that can used to calculate the total potential of I&I.  It is indispensable when determining where the inflow is coming from, the timeframes of inflow and the opportunity to correlate the rainfall event to the inflow.  

More information on RainAlert III    //     Download RainAlert III Datasheet     //     StoreFront

The most important aspect of I&I is being able to determine actionable engagement once the information is obtained.  Knowing what the next steps are is the quickest way to find a solution.

Prism by ADS is the industry-leading solution for turning data into action. Cost-effective engagement that is meant to provide you with the best actionable solution.  

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D-Site is the single solution for every single monitoring solution.  With the comprehensive solution, you can stop worrying about budgets and monitoring equipment and start responding to problems faster and smarter. D-Site is the comprehensive solution for level monitoring service for providing accurate and timely measurement within your collection system. Intelligent alarms warn you before an overflow occurs so you can respond quickly. Reliable data empowers you to analyze your collection system performance and plan for the future wisely. 

ADS Solutions are combined with PRISM to create the comprehensive solution to your challenges.  With over four decades of experience navigating the rigorous regulatory environment through changing needs, ADS is your trusted solution provider.  ADS has a name that is synonymous with cost-effective, safe solutions that bring actionable results.  Find out how to take uncertainty out of your daily routine by contacting us today to learn how ADS can bring our trusted solution to your needs.  

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