The Need for Real-Time Operational Intelligence of Collection System Flows

Managing a collection system is a difficult task because everything about a collection system, except failure, is invisible. The challenge for the industry is to bring visibility to the events that reduce capacity and increase flow before one or both can result in outright failure. A sewer is considered to have failed when certain events become visible, such as basement flooding, roadway collapses, or sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). Absent these failures, many managers will assume that everything is normal in their collection system. In reality, there is a long list of issues that are invisibly changing the performance of a collection system. Every change, with the exception of human improvements, gradually causes deterioration in performance until visible signs of failure appear. These issues will become visible when they combine to cause a failure, e.g., a worsening blockage combined with a rainfall of just-critical intensity. What is needed for sewer systems is an “indicator of change” that can bring attention to the problems lurking in all collection systems well before they make themselves visible.

A common source of frustration for anyone using flow data has been the delay between the moment an actionable event occurs in a sewer and the time a manager becomes aware of it by looking at flow data. Today, early invisible changes can be detected  with accurate flow-monitoring data combined with timely and appropriate analysis, delivered in real-time to municipal and collection-system managers.

FlowView Connects Clients to an ADS Flow Monitoring Network

Delivering real-time operational intelligence on the status of flow activity throughout the wastewater collection system – all at the convenience of a Web browser. FlowView is a dynamic tool for the management and oversight of collection system operation. This state-of-the-art system provides knowledge and early detection of potential problems, as well as offering dynamic analytical functions for fueling discoveries that will lead to enhanced management of the sewer collection system. FlowView performs data collection, storage, alarm management, and information presentation functions. The automation and data management features of FlowView reduce administrative costs by consolidating essential flow information into one powerful database. FlowView is the solution for reporting existing bottlenecks, improving collection system operation and maintenance, maintaining a positive public image, and averting future regulatory action.