ADS Provides Answers to Wastewater Flow Questions that Enhance Collection System Performance

Maximize infrastructure investment and streamline operations and maintenance with Underground Intelligence from ADS. ADS delivers answers to wastewater flow questions that drive savings in collection system management to all users of flow monitoring and flow monitoring data.

ADS provides products and services that have helped thousands of municipalities diagnose and correct wastewater infrastructure problems. For over 43 years, we’ve helped our clients increase efficiency and mitigate environmental compliance action. ADS comprehensive flow monitoring programs have saved millions of dollars in unnecessary SSES and sewer rehabilitation expenditures by pinpointing problem areas and focusing repair budgets on only those areas that will result in short-term operational improvement and problem resolution. Many ADS clients find that for every dollar they spend in comprehensive flow monitoring, they realize a ten-fold return, or more! We strive to over-serve our clients, providing them with the underground intelligence necessary to obtain actionable data, which in turn will produce a considerable ROI.

When Data Matters, ADS Monitors

In the 1970s, ADS invented the permanent flow monitor concept for measuring sewage flow in collection systems. Today, thousands of ADS monitoring locations throughout the world measure billions of gallons of flow each day for clients managing small to large networks. ADS flow monitoring systems offer a full line of flow monitoring equipment and data analysis tools.
Based upon decades of research and design experience, ADS monitoring systems are robust and ideal for operating in both sanitary and combined sewers. ADS is the industry leader in wastewater flow monitoring with a variety of flow monitoring technologies including, Gated Cross-Correlation, Doppler, and surface velocity. We have versatile ‘Fit-for-Purpose’ solutions including the TRITON+ with multiple velocities, multiple depth options, and intrinsic safety rating to the highest level (Class I, Division 1, or Zone 0). ADS has the only flow monitors to achieve EPA's Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program. Our management team relies on ISO, ATEX, and Six Sigma standards to focus all employees on quality systems that audit manufacturing, service, and sales processes for continuous improvements which are tied directly to customer requirements.


ISO Certified Water and Wastewater Services

ADS offers a host of water and wastewater-related services. We have more experience in sewer diagnostic and field investigation activities than any other company in the industry. We have the resources and personnel to effectively manage the inventory, condition, and performance analysis required for successful collection system projects. Throughout our history, ADS has managed hundreds of Sewer System Evaluation Surveys (SSES) and consent-driven programs through a unique, systematic approach utilizing quality-controlled tasks including, flow monitoring, dye water testing, manhole inspections, flow isolations, and smoke testing.

ADS invests significant time and effort in training programs and resources to ensure its project personnel are adequately equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills to perform their job at the highest capacity. In addition to the extensive training provided to the field staff, ADS requires that their project managers follow the ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System, which includes a project management plan.

Award-Winning Software Solutions

If you have CSOs or SSOs and need real-time Underground Intelligence to manage them, FlowView Operations is for you. For CSO applications, IntelliServe alarms distinguish between wet and dry weather overflows and can be programmed to only alarm during dry weather overflows. FlowView Operations connects clients to an ADS flow monitoring network, delivering real-time operational intelligence on the status of flow activity throughout the wastewater collection system – all at the convenience of a Web browser. FlowView Operations performs data collection, storage, alarm management, and information presentation functions.

ADS provides detailed I/I assessment for improving identification of basins requiring rehabilitation and targeting expensive SSES field work. software, the I/I Answer Engine from ADS, is a powerful set of online engineering tools designed for both the consulting engineer and the municpal engineer. These I/I tools are now available for all monitoring networks, not just those manufactured by ADS. This web-hosted analysis tool examines wastewater collection system dry and wet weather flow data and provides rigorous performance measurements in one-tenth the time of other analysis tools.