Inventory Assets and Determine the Condition of Your Collection System

A manhole inspection is performed in order to accurately inventory the assets of the collection system, to update collection system maps and to determine the structural condition of each manhole, recording any defects.

During a manhole inspection, ADS Environmental Service's field crews take a complete inventory of each manhole including construction materials, ring size, depth to invert, flow conditions and evidence of surcharge. All inventory information is recorded in the project database and can be used to develop maintenance and repair programs. ADS also uses digital camera equipment during manhole inspection to document defects that may be discovered.

These inspections determine the physical condition, location and length of the sewer system and isolates possible sources of infiltration and inflow.  For each manhole in the study area, field crews perform visual manhole and pipeline inspections, correcting collection system maps when errors or omissions are encountered. Manholes are frequently a significant source of infiltration/inflow, and detailed inspection of them during this phase of the study can often reduce subsequent, more expensive field tasks. Information gathered during the physical inspection helps determine rehabilitation methods and costs.

ADS manages the industry’s most rigorous field training program with all personnel properly certified in confined space entry, CPR, traffic control, and general field safety procedures. Through ISO 9001 quality procedures, ADS maintains a complete quality control program through all phases of the project.  All located severe defects including storm drain connections, are immediately reported to our clients.