Ongoing Improvements and Fixes

Click on the update links below to view the notes associted with a specific release of FlowView PRISM. Within the release notes you will find additional detail on new features, functionality, and bug fixes within FlowView PRISM. If you have any questions, or need further clarification, please contact our Customer Support group. We'd also love to hear your thoughts on FlowView PRISM. Your ongoing feedback is always welcomed and greatly valued.

1-17-19 Updates: Recent Bug Fixes

1-11-19 Updates: Welcome to FlowView PRISM 1.2.0! New Features: External users can sign in using existing FlowView logins (not just Microsoft ID logins), composite location creation is now available, Recent Bug Fixes

1-4-19 Updates: Issue with Google Maps API.

12-20-18 Updates: New Features: Scattergraph "Best Fit Curve", Customer Editor - See All (active and inactive) Customers, Recent Bug Fixes

12-13-18 Updates: Recent Bug Fixes

12-7-18 Updates: Welcome to the New French Version of FlowView PRISM, Recent Bug Fixes

12-3-18 Updates: Hot Fix: Historical data can now be accessed through the Advanced Dashboard, even if there is no data

11-30-18 Updates: New Features: New FlowView PRISM Favicon, More User Control With Time Based, On-Demand Data Collection, Iso-Q™ Lines, Debuting the Advanced Dashboard, Multi-Location Hydrograph Viewing is Back, Recent Bug Fixes

10-25-18 Updates: FlowView PRISM API - Public Preview

10-12-18 Updates: Recent Bug Fixes

9-28-18 Updates: New Features: Hydrograph Time Span, Dynamic Dashboard

9-5-18 Updates: New Features: Shared Time Scale on Location Dashboard, Hydrograph “View Details” Now Says “Advanced”, A Clean Slate – Vault, FlowView PRISM Logo, Recent Bug Fixes

8-20-18 Updates: New Features: Link From the Map Location Information Detail Window to the Location Dashboard Graph, Location Dashboard Site Selection, Location Dashboard View Details, Rain on Top of Graph, Recent Bug Fixes

8-10-18 Updates: ADS announces FlowView PRISM 1.1, New Features: Website URL Update/Timing, New Logo/Icon, User Self-Administration, Upload Monitor Configuration XML, Recent Bug Fixes